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 Q: Can I give someone else my 3-Day pass for one of the days? 


A:  No. 3-Day Passes can’t be split.  You can transfer the entire pass to another person by contacting or Front Gate.


 Q: I have a Single Day pass, but I want to go on a different day instead.  Can I trade it? 


 A:  Yes — contact with your order number and what date you would like to switch to, and we can help you, as long as tickets are still available.


 Q: I would like to upgrade from GA to GA+, GA+ to VIP, or from VIP to Captains.  Is that possible? 


 A:  Visit the BeachLife Early Box Office in the three days before the festival (May 10–12) at 200 N Harbor Dr, Redondo Beach to see about upgrades. Upgrades will only be granted if there are tickets available in your desired ticket type.  The price of your upgrade will approximately be the difference between the price you paid and the price of the upgraded ticket.


To upgrade at the festival, please visit the Box Office on-site, located near the Main Entrance at the south end of the site. 


 Q: Can I upgrade only one day of my 3-Day pass? 


 A:  A single day of a 3-Day pass is not upgradeable.  If you’d like to do this, simply purchase Single Day tickets instead of a 3-Day pass.  During the festival, upgrade bracelets may be available on-site for purchase if conditions allow.


 Q: How do I sign up for the BeachLife newsletter? 


 A:  Thank you for your support!  Simply click here.


 Q: How do I find out more about Cabanas? 


 A:  Thanks for your interest!  For Corporate cabanas, Email Courtney at for information.

       For personal or non-corporate cabanas, please email Mandy at


 Q: How do I sign up to be a food or retail vendor at the Festival? 


 A:  Food Vendors — click here.

       Retail Vendors — click here.


 Q: How do I sign up to work or volunteer at the Festival? 


 A:  Job Inquiries — click here.

       Volunteers — click here.


 Q: What is a BeachLifer? 


 A:  A BeachLifer is someone who has supported the festival through the years and is eligible to receive perks like party invitations, free swag and early information.  To find out how to become a BeachLifer, email


 Q: How and when can I get a SideStage Experience ticket? 


 A:  SideStage chefs, menus, and information on how to purchase tickets can be found here.