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Jack Daniel's x BeachLife Festival Punk Rock Karaoke @ The Venice West!

Where are all our CA punk rock fans at?! Ever wanted to star in your favorite punk rock band?

BeachLife Festival and Jack Daniel’s are bringing Punk Rock Karaoke to Venice Beach! It’s a 1996 classic! Join us at The Venice West Saturday, March 4th for Punk Rock Karaoke.

THEY play, YOU sing!! It’s easy...pick a song, they’ll give you lyrics and’re a singer in a punk rock band.

Here’s how it works: The Venice West will have a sign up sheet at the venue. Pick a song and when they call you up be ready!! All eyes on you!!! NO, they can’t play every punk rock song written between 1867 and present day...they’ll hand pick their favorites from 1983 back to when the dinosaurs pogoed with the punters!!

So sing your heart out with the members of these legendary punk rock bands: Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, Circle Jerks), Stan Lee (The Dickies), Randy Bradbury (Pennywise), & Darrin Pfeiffer (Goldfinger, Sum 41)!

Jack Daniel’s will have drink specials and promos onsite, and BeachLife will be having some ROCKIN’ giveaways.

So what are you waiting for? Build up some liquid courage and get ready to ROCK!

See you at The Venice West Saturday, March 4th!

Get your tickets here!


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