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Last Night at Saint Rocke Recap

On Thursday, January 5th, 2023, BeachLife Festival hosted “One Last Night at Saint Rocke.” The event was exclusively for 2023 BeachLife Festival ticket holders as a pre-party for the festival lineup announcement that went up the following morning.

Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach was a local favorite venue for over a decade, having performers like Donavon Frakenreiter, Poncho Sanchez, and The White Buffalo. It was permanently closed in 2020 due to the pandemic, and never got the proper goodbye. So as a gift to locals, BeachLife decided to give Saint Rocke the sendoff it deserved. The party held 200 BeachLifers, and featured performances from Latch Key Kid with Aragorn, and Tomorrows Bad Seeds. Both acts put on a great performance that got the crowd moving and ready for more music at May’s BeachLife Festival!

The Last Night at Saint Rocke was a huge success and nostalgic for many in attendance. It brought together the community and started the weekend off strong with excitement for the BeachLife Festival lineup announcement.

But there may be new life coming to Saint Rocke. After seeing the emotion and love for the venue on Thursday night, founder Allen Sanford decided to sell the venue to a Colorado investor. With this…we could be seeing Saint Rocke reopening as early as March!


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