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The First Annual Tito's Turkey Bowl

On November 19, BeachLife Festival hosted the First Annual Tito's Turkey Bowl in the Seaside Lagoon with the help of Prank Monkey Sports! 8 teams participated in the flag football event: All Americans, Wyld Turkeys, Quality Seafood, Yung Gravies, BeachLife4Life, Football Fanatics, Hot Stuffin', and Project Barley's Here for the Beer. They all battled it out in pool play, semifinals, and All American and Yung Gravies progressed to the finals!

BeachLife supporters came out to cheer on their favorite teams and enjoyed complimentary cocktails from Tito's: the White Cranberry Cosmo, Apple Cider Mule, & Owen's Espresso Martini. Yung Gravies came out on top and got to take home a beautiful golden turkey trophy from Creative Indulgences, a $1000 donation to Surfrider, and will be joining us at BeachLife Festival in May! The night ended with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner in our SpeakEasy to thank our early bird premium ticket holders and our BeachLife supporters for coming to the event.

The event was a huge success and we can't wait to see you guys at the 2nd Annual Tito's Turkey Bowl next year!


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