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Whippin' it with DEVO

Amidst the vibrant pulse of Sunset Boulevard, a stone's throw from the iconic Whiskey-A-Go-Go, stands a structure that defies the conventional skyline. A beacon of eccentricity, its neon-green facade reminiscent of a shrunken Forum. Venturing beyond its futuristic exterior unveils a world of musical innovation and nostalgia—Mutato Muzika, the brainchild of Devo's visionary co-founder, Mark Mothersbaugh. In an exclusive interview, we were granted a glimpse into this time capsule of auditory mastery, accompanied by Mark's brother and fellow Devo luminary, Bob.

Despite Devo's reputation for pushing the boundaries of futuristic soundscapes, stepping foot into Mutato Muzika feels like a blast from the past. Relics of Devo's journey adorn the shelves and walls lined with RIAA gold and platinum certifications. At the core of the building lie two distinct floors: on top, a cutting-edge recording studio, while below, a hidden shrine to Devo's legacy. Antiquated tapes and cassettes from Devo's recordings and live shows line the space. Among the musical relics, a stack of iconic energy domes and yellow janitorial suits serves as a silent testament to the band's unparalleled influence.

While the interview will be released shortly, with topics ranging from devolution to beach essentials, one revelation emerges: energy domes double as fantastic components for sandcastle construction.


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